We thought hard, we worked hard. This was our philosophy, our approach to the emergency. Now we are proud to announce our new line of FASHION ACCESSORIES of top quality featuring superior finishes!

We have given a new definition to our pre- and post-galvanic and made major investments in new tools and specialized personnel that let us create pieces in zamak, brass, and aluminum-free far above all market standards. The metal surfaces of the new line are even and burr-free, a quality achieved by perfecting a meticulous production process:

  • Our new in-house industrial design department has let us fine-tune the design of molds, made internally and stored in a specific automatic warehouse.
  • We select only the best quality materials from certified producers. All scraps are sent to recycling companies to be given a second life in new realms.
  • The pieces made are detached from the riser by hand one by one and packaged in customized blister packs.
  • In the new PROTOTYPING department, the gamut of processes - including grinding, polishing, brushing, and welding - are performed by the hands of experts true to the processes of the oldest traditions.

We believe that craftsmanship and knowing how to "do it right" are essential values, in which we seek to reaffirm our identity every day.

Care for our customers, meticulousness, our co-designing approach, and technical capacity to satisfy every order specification have made us the chosen partner from on-demand requests, from prototyping to printing.

Our new FASHION ACCESSORIES collection is the story of all the technical and aesthetic possibilities for your new creation, like an ancient recipe book full of wisdom.

Our LOW IMPACT ACCESSORIES line also offers eco-friendly options like zamak and brass accessories free of galvanic processes, finished with transparent or colored water-based paints with low solvent content and minimal impact on the atmosphere.

A big COLORS BOOK, focused on electroplating, shows the performance of the different finishes. The wide range of colors, glossy, satinized, or the soft-touch finishes will unquestionably impress and satisfy your touch and your sight. Never as today beauty needs a new creative impulse!