Everyone knows that you stay balanced by always moving forward!
That's why Mabo has made sustainability its constant path forward. Every day, we focus on attention and action that meet our current needs – for us and our customers – without compromising the resources that will belong to our children and future generations.

At Mabo, we work on multiple, interconnected levels all moving towards the same purpose, in environmental, technological, economic, and social realities.

This means that we keep on:

  • Striving for the best chemical safety for our products and processes
  • Minimizing water consumption
  • Making products in natural and naturally renewable materials
  • Taking care to recycle waste
  • Clearly communicating the advantages of our products and their different degrees of sustainability
  • Donating part of our production to social projects, like Quid
  • Supporting socially important initiatives like those of the local Lions Club

This year we drew up and shared the first proprietary RSL (Restricted Substances List) for metal and polyester buttons.

We are proud to announce that in 2022 we install a major photovoltaic system that will give the company a clean energy supply.

Now we are preparing to jump into a new year with the same positive, pro-active verve that we have had in this period that has been one of true rebirth.

What about you? Jump into the new year with us!