and upwards and onwards… with our eyes on the future!

2022: Mabo turns 70. And on this milestone date, a generational change is also happening.
The historic company, based in Bergamo, was founded by Giuseppe Edoardo Signorelli and then expanded internationally by his sons Adriano, Agostino and Luigi. Now the baton is being passed on to Paola, Edoardo and Valentina, who have already been with the company for several years. In the years of recovery after World War II, Giuseppe Edoardo worked hard to open his own factory, and now, with the same tenacity as their grandfather, the new generation is preparing to take up the challenge with great energy.

Over the last two years, we have focused resources and investments on in-house improvement, redefining industrial processes and buying new equipment and hiring dedicated personnel. Our efforts have equipped us to create accessories of truly unprecedented quality. Our commitment to sustainability has also stayed strong, continuing on the path taken for almost a decade now with real, practical actions.

We know that the best ideas are born of dialogue and diversity. This is why we love to co-design new shapes, prototypes and products with you.
We understand that a genuine restart is not about just going back to a previous situation, even if a positive one. What we aim for is true transformation, made up of new knowledge and new experiences.
For us all, we want a completely new era, as full of challenges as it is growth and satisfaction, so that we can together get through this period of global crisis with our eyes looking to the future and the generations to come.