The image of Mabo 2020 is a pristine green forest, Earth's precious heritage, an image with which we want to mark the important sustainability goal we achieved this year. Our first DETOX commitment has been completed. The structured five-year program has helped us achieve significant, real results in terms of sustainability. The virgin forest where tagua trees grow continues to give us the gift of the raw material with which we make our 100% sustainable buttons.

They say that "there is a patience in the forest, as stubborn, tireless, and persistent as life itself," and "a falling tree makes more noise than a growing forest." It is this spirit that we hope that this green forest may bode well for the perseverance of best practices that are respectful of the earth and humanity. We understand that being sustainable is never a completed deed but an ever-evolving approach. We will keep on working to reduce our impact on the environment, keep true to our code of ethics, and offer new products with innovative sustainable advantages.