This year more than ever we can feel the symbolic power of an image: the luminous power of a golden object that pierces through a dark backdrop to give new life to our gestures and our words (hands and mouths).

The Italian word for gold "oro" comes from the Latin àurum, which means "to burn and shine", from the Sanskrit hari = "ray of light" and the Greek chrvsòs = chrysalis.

We want this image to express our hope to born again into beauty after this long and difficult period of the Covid-19 pandemic.

We have chosen the image of the diligent, patient hands of a woman like those of the many craftswomen who work at Mabo. These hands proudly hold the symbol of our new, precious creations.

During this necessary time of standstill, we have worked hard to give life to a new company department exclusively for producing zamak, brass, and aluminum-free pieces, going above and beyond the usual market standards. To achieve this, we have developed new in-house capacities, investing capital to purchase new equipment and hire specialized personnel.

Now the precious metallic surfaces of our new Overgold collection — perfectly glossy, even, and free of burrs — speak more eloquently than pure gold. We hope they will amaze you too because being amazed is being open to the power of renewal!